[Tango-L] FW: women as leader

Astrid astrid at ruby.plala.or.jp
Fri Feb 29 07:30:48 EST 2008

> A terribly rough metaphor has just come to me but I am going to mention it 
> anyway...
> A screwdriver is used to screw in a screw, a hammer is used to hammer in a 
> nail, both very different tools performing different actions for the same 
> result. You cannot argue about which is better or worse, both have roles 
> and perform within the boundaries of how and what they do best.
> Try hammering in a screw or using a screwdriver on a nail.
> Well it made me think anyway.
> 'Mash
> London,UK

Years ago, there was a thread called "John, the rudder". In response to some 
Brit proudly compairing himself to the steering man of a ship... search for 
it in the archive around 2001 or so. In the days before women started to 
silently put up with being compared to brooms and such on tango-l.

; )

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