[Tango-L] bad Nuevo

'Mash mashdot at toshine.net
Fri Feb 29 06:15:09 EST 2008

On 2008-02-28 23:49+0000, Heather Whitehead wrote:
> The source of Nuevo's inferiority is that it is a movement based
> Movement. It is motivated by the biomechanic possibilities. This can
> be an intellectual pursuit of physical dexterity that in the end takes
> precedence over the music. The aesthetics produced from movements
> inspired first from the music, TANGO music, have the lasting power and
> beauty of something truer. You will notice many Nuevo dancers find no
> contradiction at all in dancing tango to non-tango music. This is why. 

Hang on; so a Nuevo dancer can be inspired by any music to produce aesthetic Tango movements motivated by biomechanic possibilities, this being an intellectual pursuit of physical dexterity. 

A Tango dance can be inspired by Tango music to produce aesthetic Tango movements.

Also if it is  only Neuvo where the "intellectual pursuit of physical dexterity" takes precedence over the music, then how come we all spend so much time practisicing Tango movements? Surely we should really just sit down and listen to the music lest we dirty the purity of Tango by thinking about our bodies. 

Maaaaaaybe the Neuvo lot just like putting their toes outside the boundries of Traditional Tango in the pursuit of biomechanical possibilities to aid the production of more aesthetic Tango movements. Maybe this added control and understanding helps them enjoy the music more. 



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