[Tango-L] FW: women as leader

Nina Pesochinsky nina at earthnet.net
Thu Feb 28 22:36:28 EST 2008

La Marshall (in Buenos Aires) - the milonga of all gay 
milongas!  Even all of the gay milongas in the US (which is most of 
the milongas) cannot beat that one.

I was definitely dreaming when I saw two men dance there 
recently.  It was eye candy.  The man who was following put most 
women to shame.  He was amazing.  Beautiful, powerful, 
expressive!  And masculine, being true to who he is. That was the 
moment that testified for me that most women are super boring as followers.

Well,  most women are super boring as leaders as well.  I think that 
men that comment on this topic should learn to follow really well and 
then follow a woman.  I guarantee that these men will be bored to 
tears.  Then, when the following technique of these men becomes good, 
they should try to dance with some awesome Argentine dancer who is 
used to dancing with men.  Then... maybe men should learn to dance 
like that man danced, and men can dance with each other and may never 
want to dance with a woman again.  If I was a man, and could dance 
like those two guys did, I wouldn't want to dance with any women.

Hurray for gay milongas! :)


At 08:13 PM 2/28/2008, Mario wrote:
>OK...as a Tango newbie but one with great interest in the sensuality
>   of the dance.
>   Here is where I want to cast my vote.
>   If the follower is dreaming and the leader is leading...
>   who cares if the leader is male or female???
>   What has that to do with anything?????
>   Two women dancing with the leader leading
>   and the follower with eyes closed dreaming...
>   bring it on and if it is two woman.....
>   Mehor!!! great!!!!
>   This may be what makes TANGO the Universal Dance!!
>   What could be more sensual???
>   Must we be always limited to;  ...how many men are available?
>   and ...How many men can ...'get it'...??
>   More women dancing lead is the way of the future..
>   Less wars less everything that screws up the human situation.
>   Bring on the Tango,  the embrace and the trance of the perfect dance...
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