[Tango-L] Foxtrot to Tango, how do I do it?

Trini y Sean (PATangoS) patangos at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 11:20:18 EST 2008

--- flame at 2xtreme.net wrote:

> Hello Mario,
> I never heard of Robert Hauk before I read your posts. So
> I checked him out 
> on YouTube. What do you find attractive in his dancing?

Videos don't do justice to Alicia Pons, either.  I think
there are some people who just appear better in person than
on video.  Robert is at least 6'4", possibly taller.  But
he's an expert at making tango very comfortable for even
shorter women (according to my practice partner who is
under 5').  The both of them together is one of the most
sensual partnerships I've seen.

I love dancing with Robert.  He dances with confidence,
strength, and sensitivity to his partner.  He phrases his
dancing to make it very comfortable for the woman and keep
her relaxed.  Watch how he uses his knees during his turns.
 This gives the woman the sensation of flying.  He also
makes the woman feel very long in the body, which feels
great.  His lead is very smooth.  And he is an excellent

Trini de Pittsburgh

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