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Daniel Trenner and crew really knew what they were
doing with Bridge to the Tango.  I wish they were
still available.  

All of the followers technique videos are priceless. 
I think there were three.  I think all followers
should have a copy.

These five are great on video and beyond genius in

Brooke Burdett
Daniel Trenner
Luciana Valle
Rebecca Schulman
Sharna Fabiano

The rest of these are, also, incredible:

Jose Garafolo
Omar Vega 
Some of Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo 
Carolina Zkalski and Diego Di Falco (especially the
waltz figures)
El Pulpo

I don't remember his full name, was it Zotto and
Carolina?  Anyway, it took me a bit to understand what
Zotto was doing.  I thought it was she who was so good
(and she is!).  Then, my parnter told me to go back
and watch how he lead her.  I am sooo glad she said
that!  He shows the way to setup your follower in
various positions related to your body and in
conjunction with the music.  Study Zotto and dance to
D'Arienzo!!!  That man's lead is clean! 

Although I've never seen any of his videos, I have
taken a lot of workshops with Fabian Salas.  I have to
believe that his videos must be great.

Even though I had workshops and 6-week classes over
and over again with most of the people on this list, I
can still go to their videos and, in most any section,
refresh my memory or cleanup my technique.

But, where in the world are you going to find these

--- rcgimmi at aol.com wrote:

> I'd like to hear from someone who has experience
> with the "Bridge to the Tango" CDs/DVDs.? 
> What are the five tapes you would recommend most for
> an intermediate/advanced dancer?
> And, what are the five tapes you would *NOT*
> recommend?
> I purchased a couple of these things a few years
> back and I found the quality was uneven.? The
> "milonga" was a style that is not common in either
> Buenos Aires or Portland, for example.
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