[Tango-L] Fox-Trot and Tango

Mario sopelote at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 10:53:34 EST 2008

Thanks Sergio, I like your post a lot..and you scored a direct hit
  with your depiction of 'fox-trot Tango" being one danced where
  the mind of one or both dancers are somewhere else ie: paying the bills.
  Wow, you hit the nail on the head..that is exactly the non-feeling of the
  dance when it occurs.... mil gracias!
   I will make sure that not a step of Foxtrot Tango creeps in on Tuesday nite 
  and now that I know what I am looking for, I am sure to effectively eradicate it.
   Let me clear up one mis communication. I never did ballroom foxtrot nor ballroom
    I did Foxtrot in high school...and why? ...because that was THE dance to
  dance when I was in high school..... get it.??... I am a tad bit older than 
  John Travolta.
   Anyway, I am fully relieved now that I know what the problem is..
  thanks again, Sergio and all others who contributed to this thread.

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