[Tango-L] Foxtrot to Tango, how do I do it?

Mario sopelote at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 23:07:33 EST 2008

I will collect and collect and collect..
  I will throw a boleo and a cross
  I will dance outside of them
  I will do a giro after two or three steps of a walk
  I will do an ocho so that they feel that they
  are tango ing
  I will hold them close and be erect in my posture
  I will throw a single axis if I can master it in the 
  I will do frequen ochos cortados
  I will invite various women from tango-L 
  to sleep on my sofa bed and accompany me
  to the Practicas and Milongas
  I will plead with Astrid to come and teach me
  I will devote my remaining years to perfecting 
  my dance
  I will practise 'balance' in  dangerous environments
  I will kiss each woman after each dance (on the cheek)
  I will pay attention to my partner and even more attention
  to the music
  I will sleep, eat and breathe ...TANGO

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