[Tango-L] What's the trick??

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Sat Feb 23 00:49:34 EST 2008


This sounds strange to me. Firstly, if you lead something and the 
your partner does what you led - how can she be anticipating? 
Secondly, if she's doing what you led her to do, how can she be 
pulling on you since you're leading her with your body? 

As I understand the phrase ... "I lead, she steps and I follow her.",
it means I lead with my torso and our torsos move together, but I
follow with my feet. Obviously, your feet have to follow your torso,
otherwise it might feel like she's pulling you off balance.

Keith, HK

 On Sat Feb 23  9:54 , Michael Figart II  sent:

>Hola list,
>I gotta put a cent or two in here, in response to
>someone who wrote "I lead, she steps and I follow
>Yes, I've heard this also, and it sounded really cool
>when I'd been dancing for 2-3 years, (I'm a slow
>learner). The way I dance now, and the way I feel
>about this subject now, is that if a follower does
>this, she is anticipating and pulling on me. 

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