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Fri Feb 22 16:05:01 EST 2008

It appears to me that there is a strongly held opinion among many on this
list that tango music from the golden age is the only acceptable dance
music, and that "milonguero" style is the only acceptable social dance
style, and that any other style of either music or dance is not tango.
Furthermore, it would appear that quite a number also have the opinion that
until one has listened to tango music and exclusively walked and danced
ocho's for a year, or some other long period of time, they are not capable
or even worthy of learning anything else.  Finally, since the close embrace
"social" vocabulary is not large and excludes many of the otherwise possible
ganchos, boleos, secadas, colgadas, etc..., even talking about those
elements is apriori evidence that one is not talking about tango.

Question - Is my impression correct?  Since nuevo dancers appear not to be
considered tango dancers, are they as unwelcome as it might appear?  It
seems that having an open discussion about anything but BaAs milongas &
milongueros, or perhaps about how to execute the perfect left turn, is
doomed to degenerate into a discussion of what is and is not tango and, by
implication, what is and is not acceptable for discussion on this list.  Is
this so?


David Thorn

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