[Tango-L] Any Chrom players on the list?

Mario sopelote at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 09:10:27 EST 2008

That sounds like a wonderful adventure you are embarking on Mash. 
  I am an accomplished non-chromatic harmonica player (mostly crossed)
  but I have a great Chromatic Hohner waiting for me at home in Phila.
  I will give it a shot when I get there in a few months...'La Viruta' will be
  my first mission.
  Astrid Darlling,
   I thought that perhaps your post would be the first flame attack upon
  my person.  But you managed to keep it humorous and fun...thanks.
  'The place' is San Miguel de Allende, Mex. and everyting I wrote is true
  (according to my reality). Perhaps I am not the run of the mill default
  tango student.  My dad was a trophy dance winner (though I never saw
  him dance) and my 10yrs son is a very innovative dancer.
  ..couple those genetics with the fact that I was a musician for
  over 20 years, and even though a tango teacher tried to convince
  me that I couldn't 'hear the beat', I've always been a 'natural' at the
  Foxtrot, Milonga and Vals.  Now, I'll admit that the Tango is more
  of a challenge but I'm beginning to think that it is more of a challenge
  for all the wrong reasons.
   As for the 'trick' that I asked; I only meant 'what is the positional secret
  to executing the sacada and giro'...is it crossed feet, parallel, opposite feet?
  ..something like that..I'm looking for a way think of it or notice it quickly
  when it occurs in a dance..and as for Youtube...wow, why all the downrap?
  Youtube works and is a bonanza for the student of any of it's myriad paths
  (including harmonica playing)
   and any teacher who wants to continuously knock it, without acknowledging
  it's obvious value,  is shut-down in my book.

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