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3,3,3 – Dance from the Pivot

How do I get away from patterns long patterns?
How do I give my patterns more life?
How do I improve the feel in my dance?
How do I play with musicality?

The answer to all of these is 

   “Try everything 3 different ways”.  

Okay, try things some number of ways.

Here we go ...

Perhaps, you are leading a molinete around to your

You, the leader, are on your right foot.
You are leading your follower to complete a frontstep,
pivot her to face you, and take a sidestep.  

Continue the above “pattern” with any of the
following, according to how the music moves you.

You just completed the frontstep and pivoted her to
face you ... before beginning the sidestep.

EXAMPLE 1:  Wiggle

Just pivot her back and forth.

Then, continue with the sidestep.

EXAMPLE 2: Start a Reverse Direction

First, reverse her pivot so that you can start a
backstep, sending her back from where she came.

A. Take her into the beginning of a backstep (make her
right leg extend, keeping her weight over her left
leg) and then back into the frontstep.

B. Start the backstep and lead a boleo coming back

C. Use a lot of tortion in leading the backstep.  Lead
yourself to do a backstep (staying on your right
foot).  Touch your left foot to her right foot
(rather, almost touch). Come back to face-to-face. 
Or, do that same tortion move, again.  Women say that
it feels great ... and, it looks great!

D. Take her all the way into a backstep.  You take a
backstep, too.  Then, you both take a frontstep.  You
both pivot.

E. Take her all the way into a backstep, leading her
to do an embellishment.  (You could mirror her
embellishment).  Take her back into a frontstep,

After all versions, continue with the sidestep.

EXAMPLE 3: Start her into a backstep

A. Move your chest forward enough to make her extend
her right leg.

B. Do (A), but extend your left leg forward to match
her right leg.

C. Lead her to a full backstep.  Accompany her.  Lead
her back to a frontstep.

After all versions, continue with the sidestep.

EXAMPLE 4: Play with the Side Step

A. Lead her to extend her right leg a little and back
to a collection.

B. Lead her to extend her right leg a lot and back to
a collection.

C. Lead her to extend her right leg while extending
your left leg.  Pause.  

D. Take a sidestep with her, pausing before her left
leg and your right leg moves.

After all versions, continue the sidestep.

Doing any one of these will take you down the journey
of having the dance emanate from the pivot!  Again, in
my opinion, if you want to give your dance more
feeling, if you want to get away from patterns a bit,
if you want to surprise your follower, giving her more
opportunity to use her technique and elasticity, then,
dance from the pivot!!!


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