[Tango-L] Raquel and Osvaldo -- their exhibition at El Beso during Encuentro Tango Milonguero

Janis Kenyon Jantango at feedback.net.ar
Mon Feb 18 10:38:25 EST 2008

From: "peterwesser" <peterwesser at oregonducks.org> wrote:

<The couple's names are Raquel and Osvaldo (another Osvaldo than Janice
mentioned), and I haven't found out their family name. They do not
teach, they are not in the tango business. They simply dance for
themselves and have done so for the proverbial 60 years or so. I have
seen them for some years at the milongas just doing their thing and
doing it beautifully.>

I believe you are referring to Raquel y Cacho.  They dance only with each
other and can be found on Tuesday nights in Salon Canning.

<For me, their milonga was the highlight of the performances that night.
This shows that you don't have to be young, beautiful and svelte to
dance social tango exquisitely -- no hooks no kicks, just "plain" sooo
with the music dancing.>

They prove that we can all enjoy dancing tango socially as long as we can

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