[Tango-L] Beginners and milongas

Alexis Cousein al at sgi.com
Mon Feb 18 10:06:50 EST 2008

Chris, UK wrote:
>  2 What type of step to make e.g. "5" = cross, "8" = close, rather
>    than using unwieldy step names/descriptions that don't suit 1 above.
>    Hence you hear "6,1,6,1" for a rock step, though sometimes "6,7,8,9"

You mean they're saying 6,1,6,1 and that conveys the fact it's a rock step
*slaps self on head*? Don't they run out of numbers very fast given it's
an improvisational dance?

Ugh. I feel very fortunate to have a pair of teachers that simply uses
unary "ta" with the appropriate speed and possibly stress (as in "no, not 
TAAA-ta-TAAA-ta-TAAA, ta-TA-ta-TA-TAAA!"), rather than octal numbers (plus one).

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