[Tango-L] Please don't help me!

Astrid astrid at ruby.plala.or.jp
Fri Feb 15 23:28:54 EST 2008

> I have heard many times that Argentine tango is very different to any
> other dance. At that recent class, I realised just how true that is. In
> every other dance I have tried, the follower's steps vary according to
> what the leader does. Tango is the only dance I have tried in which the
> follower's step are identical regardless of what I do.
ROFL ! At least you have not lost your sense of humour after this 
expeirence. Reminds me of a class years ago when the teacher came over and 
said:"You are not following his lead properly". "Yes, but he is not dancing 
on the beat ! He is out of rhythm." The teacher said:"If he dances out of 
rhythm, then you have dance out of rhythm too."
The woman's lot in tango is not always easy either. 

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