[Tango-L] Osvaldo Centeno -- his exhibition in El Beso during Encuentro Tango Milonguero

Janis Kenyon Jantango at feedback.net.ar
Fri Feb 15 15:35:26 EST 2008

Osvaldo was overwhelmed by the response to his dancing on Monday night in El
Beso.  He has never done an exhibition because he dances for himself, not an
audience.  He consented for the first time to dance an exhibition for the
opening milonga of Encuentro Tango Milonguero with Ana Maria Schapira.
Their first tango was Amarra by D'Arienzo.  Cynthia his daughter was there
filming him.  She couldn't get over how many were filming and taking photos
of them during the performance.  His grandson Nicolas was there to see it,
something he will never forget.  The audience yelled "otra" so they danced
another tango.  Couples who perform in the milongas are paid, so it was only
appropriate for Osvaldo to be paid for his dancing.  No one had to pay for
filming him.  I'm waiting to see who will have the first video of him on
YouTube.  A few lucky women danced a tanda with him.  At least, the
participants had the opportunity to see one of the best dancers in Buenos

Osvaldo was the perfect teacher for a large couple from southern California
who wanted to study with a milonguero two years ago.  He is called El Oso
because of his size.   They had a three-hour session with Osvaldo at a dance
studio followed by dinner and several hours at Centro Region Leonesa where
he danced tandas with the woman.  They couldn't have been happier with their

Ana Maria Schapira will be leaving soon to teach for a month in Italy.  Too
bad Osvaldo isn't going along.  He will turn 71 years in June, so any
invitations for teaching need to happen soon.  He drives a taxi ten hours a
day, and then goes to dance when he isn't too tired.

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