[Tango-L] beginners and milonga

doug@swingfusion.com doug at swingfusion.com
Fri Feb 15 13:52:09 EST 2008

 Theoretically, it sounds fun to start that way, but pedagogically 
speaking it is a little like putting the cart before the horse.

Having taught dance for over 10 years now, I find that pedagogy often
dictates that fun precede deep study.  Nothing wrong with coasting around in
the cart before you learn to ride the horse.

Also, I think that because of the "step-on-every-beat" aspect of Milonga
(ignoring traspie) I found Milonga far far easier to led as a beginner.  I
always knew what foot my follow was on, even if I was messing up the lead
badly and even if I was failing to lead anything.  I could have fun without
the fear and trepidation that paralized me when I tried to dance tango.  One
less thing to worry about and to screw up.


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