[Tango-L] On breaking the basic step

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Wed Feb 13 15:08:13 EST 2008


Correct - In BsAs, lots of walking would  always precede the 8CB.

And that's what I keep on saying is the difference between learnig 
Tango in Bs As and elsewhere. It's all about the WALKING.

Keith, HK

 On Thu Feb 14  3:11 , "Oleh Kovalchuke"  sent:

>Out of curiosity I went to a beginner class taught by Muma a few years
>ago at 'Porteño y Bailarin' in Buenos Aires. For entire hour she
>taught walking to the music in that class. There was no mentioning of
>counts, or 8-counts, for that matter.

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