[Tango-L] Wiggles

Lois Donnay donnay at donnay.net
Wed Feb 13 13:28:13 EST 2008

Interesting, Nina. Do you say this because of the reaction of follows that 
you lead? (assuming you lead) Or are you saying this because so many of your 
female friends have complained to you about this in their dances with 
others? Are they local to your area, or have you heard this in other places 
you've danced? Are they women you talk to in milongas or in classes?

I lead "wiggles" quite a bit, and they are one of the most requested move 
for women to ask me to teach to men. However, they are not easy to lead, as 
the timing has to be right on or they don't feel good at all. And some women 
(especially those who are new and/or anticipate a lot) cannot follow them - 
they are too far ahead of the leader or are not relaxed. But it has been my 
experience that a well-timed (and well-lead) "wiggle" increases connection 
and is great for the music.

Misses a bunch of music? One of the differences I notice most between 
dancing in BsAs and elsewhere is the pauses. As one of my students who came 
with me to BA said "It's all about the pauses...." I learned the wiggle 
following on the dancefloor in BA (where I learned most of what is truly 
valuable in my dancing).  I like it!

Lois Donnay
Minneapolis, MN

> Women who are dancers HATE wiggles.  It is a meaningless move that
> says nothing, misses a bunch of music and does not feel good.  If men
> want to do it, they better be sure that they know the woman they do
> it with, and know for sure that she likes it, or they might run a
> risk of woman just standing there waiting for the man to stop wiggling.
> Best,
> NIna 

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