[Tango-L] Breaking the 'paso basico.'

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Wed Feb 13 10:14:27 EST 2008


I completely agree with you. But the point I'm trying to make is that the problem is not the 8CB, the 
problem is way bad teachers use it and teach it. All Argentines learn the 8CB, I see them all the 
time at beginner classes as I wait for the next intermediate class. But they don't get stuck on it 
and it never becomes a problem. They just move on and progress. Why do Americans have this 
big problem with the 8CB? Could it be because of the way Americans learn Tango?

Keith, HK

 On Wed Feb 13 23:43 , "Patricia Katz"  sent:

>It seems some leaders, even after a couple of years of classes, are locked into the 8CB while dancing during the milonga.
>Teachers seem to use this 8CB as a tool for beginners so that beginners can feel some sort of sense of accomplishment and have something to use during the milonga.
>But why is this figure still used by some leaders after a few years of classes? It's boring when leaders use this after every few walking steps.

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