[Tango-L] Breaking the 'paso basico.'

Nina Pesochinsky nina at earthnet.net
Wed Feb 13 10:49:57 EST 2008


You are doing a fine job wasting your own time.  If I have not heard 
of this Oscar and have to google him, that means he is not good 
enough or famous enough to talk about. :)

Just because someone is teaching at El Beso, and just because this 
person is Argentine, means nothing.  They are dime-a-dozen these 
days, of all ages and from all eras.

By the way, the dancing at El Beso is also kinda unpredictable at 
times.  Not a good explample. Keith.  Try again.


At 08:30 AM 2/13/2008, Keith wrote:
>Don't waste our time Nina - never heard of Google? Oscar teaches
>at El Beso. Is your next question .... what's El Beso?
>A better question would be who's Tom Stermitz.
>Keith, HK
>  On Wed Feb 13 22:58 , Nina Pesochinsky  sent:
> >Who is Oscar Casas?
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