[Tango-L] Wiggle

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 13:08:46 EST 2008

I was asked, "What's a wiggle?"  I have to confess
that see things and feel things in tango, but words
will never stick!  

When I play BB King-style, or Clapton-style blues
guitar, it's called vibrato.  In tango, can someone
help me, here?  

When I "wiggle" my partner, I am pivoting our chests
back and forth quickly.  The effect is to create
counter-tortions in her body.  The energy transfers
down through her body into a wiggle of her free foot. 

Musically, it feels great to come out of this movement
into a back ocho.

Anyway, someone else will have to help me, here, with

Then, ask me a month from now, and I won't be able to
tell you.  :o\  

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