[Tango-L] How the Tango-L List is Moderated

Trini y Sean (PATangoS) patangos at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 15:37:18 EST 2008


I, among many others I'm sure, appreciate all you do in
keeping this list going.  As an instructor, I encourage my
students to subscribe to Tango-L.  However, in the past,
I've also had to qualify it by telling them "there's a lot
of junk emails, but there are a few gems, as well."  I
hope, now, that I won't have to add that qualifying
statement when I encourage folks to subscribe and be part
of this wonderful world of tango.

The flaming, I believe, was one of the reasons the Tango DJ
list was created.  When that list was created, Tango-L saw
a lot less input from musically-informed contributors, who
now spend their time on Tango DJ.  I miss them and I hope
that your efforts might encourage them to participate

Trini de Pittsburgh

--- Shahrukh Merchant <shahrukh at shahrukhmerchant.com>

> ii. Since I started enforcing the rules, particular the
> "no flames" rules, the exodus of about 10 people per
month leaving because they are sick of the bickering and
rudeness has been stemmed (and they are generally the
civilized people one would LIKE to keep in such a group).

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