[Tango-L] help with youtube?

buffmilonguera@aol.com buffmilonguera at aol.com
Wed Feb 6 12:03:28 EST 2008

I am looking for two videos - in one, a man and woman are in a 
supermarket - "tango-ing" with their carts.  They find their cars are 
parked next to each other, they wordlessly begin to dance.....anyone 
have a link to that one?

also, I have seen two clips by the same couple/entertainers.  She plays 
hapless victim to his lecherous tango - does anyone have the link to 
theses clips?

Have you joined the Buffalo Argentine Tango Society Yahoo! group yet? 
It's easy, and the best way to make sure you know what we're doing and 
what's going on with the Argentine tango in and around Buffalo......go 
to www.yahoo.com > select Groups > search for Buffalo Argentine Tango 
Society > follow the directions to join BATS_tango. Thanks!

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