[Tango-L] What defines tango music for dancing.

Norman Tiber natiber at charter.net
Sun Feb 3 18:40:48 EST 2008

I think we need to keep in mind the evolution of Tango dance music.  
At the beginning, Tango was like an urban folk dance. Live dancers  
and musicians interacted with each other and improvised, based on  
what they were experiencing at the moment. Even when Tango sheet  
music was published, it was devoid  of metronome markings. It  could  
be played at varying tempos depending on the mood of the dancers and  

Like many Tango dancers, I usually dance to recorded music and miss  
out on the interaction between dancer and musician. In the modern  
Tango scene, I think it is the D.J., in his/her selection of music,  
that tries to make up for this loss.

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