[Tango-L] On dancing to non-tango music

Norman Tiber natiber at charter.net
Sun Feb 3 03:15:24 EST 2008

Selling sheet music was big business during the Ragtime Era and it  
was not uncommon for pieces of music to be listed as being  
appropriate for a variety of dances.  For example, Vernon and Irene  
Castle danced their famous “Castle walk” to “Tres Moutarde (Too Much  
Mustard).” The original sheet music cover lists this as a “One or Two- 
step or Tango.

Here is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing the “Castle Walk” (One  
Step) to “Too Much Mustard” in the movie “The Story of Vernon and  
Irene Castle.” From all I have read, Irene Castle was on the set and  
pressed the director not to take too many liberties with the costumes  
or the period dance steps.


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