[Tango-L] Houston Tango Festival 2008: The End.

m i l e s tangobliss at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 19:37:05 EST 2008


For those of you that didn't attend the festival.

This is the very last, and I mean *THE LAST* bit of video that I have  
on the subject.

There was some terrible video I took, of opening night at Ley Student  
Center when Glover Gill performed...it was horrendous.  The lighting  
was toooo low for my cam to take good imagery.  And most nights I  
didn't get there until after midnight.  But I did catch the tail end  
of the performances.  They were nice.

That said...

Here's the link to the very last little bit of video from the Houston  
Tango Festival 2008 with a promo for 2009 from the lips of Mikas  



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