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Sat Feb 2 11:45:38 EST 2008

Thanks to the tango gods, I have learned which months to travel to BA to avoid the huge 
influx of tourtists, I have learned which milongos to go to, which days and hours, which people 
to dance with. I have learnedto go into the provinces around BA where neighbors and 
couples and singles go to dine,drink, dance and be convivial and social, who know which
tango is playing after the first three notes and who can sing the lettras?in your ear as they 
hold you in their loving embrace.? They know that it is the woman who should be shown 
off, with her style not her tricks, they cherish the pause, they honor her ability to inter 
lead in an elegant dance conversation.? It took ten years and over a dozen and a half trips 
to BA to learn this from their cultural perspective.IT is not instantly acquired knowledge and 
that is why it is so valuable.? 

I personally would not want to dance with some of these people on the?list who
have so much resentment andbitterness in their hearts.? BEst to stay home and not 
infect the floors in BA.

I agree, Nino Bien has not been good since '99,? It really became sort of a pickup place 
where foreigners took the culturally disapproved of oppourtunity to correct their partners
on the dance floor.
That place is a fool's paradise.


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