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Sat Feb 2 09:59:56 EST 2008

--- Nina Pesochinsky <nina at earthnet.net> wrote:

> Then things began to change.  As the number of
> foregners increased 
> everywhere, there became more and more of them at
> Nino Bien.  Now it 
> is a boring sitting milonga where the Argentine
> dancers go to hang 
> out with their friends and see their foreign
> students.  

That is not true of the Saturday afternoon milonga (
Los Consegrados).  Many a day I was the only foreigner
there in a crowd of 250.  

<<Rito es la danza en tu vida
     y el tango que tu amas
     te  quema en su llama>>
de: Bailarina de tango
por:  Horacio Sanguinetti

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