[mosh-users] mosh 1.2.6 released

Keith Winstein keithw at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Aug 12 03:00:33 EDT 2016

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Hello Mosh users and developers,

mosh 1.2.6 has been released.

The source code is at: https://mosh.org/mosh-1.2.6.tar.gz
(SHA-256: 7e82b7fbfcc698c70f5843bb960dadb8e7bd7ac1d4d2151c9d979372ea850e85)

John Hood was the release coordinator and deserves all of our thanks.
Major new features, all due to John, include:

- - huge performance improvements, especially on large terminals,
- - the ability to set a timeout to end dormant sessions automatically, and
- - support for crypto libraries other than OpenSSL (Nettle and
  Apple Common Crypto).

On the developer side, we now have an end-to-end test suite and
continuous-integration tests on every pull request. We also worked
around a bad interaction with glibc 2.22 that caused mosh-server to
crash on startup.

Compatibility: mosh 1.2.6 is backwards-compatible with mosh-clients
back to 0.96 and mosh-servers back to 1.0.9.

macOS binary package: We are releasing a macOS binary package.

https://mosh.org/mosh-1.2.6.pkg is an i386+amd64 build for 10.9 and later.
(SHA-256: 5eb7797b0c3a5423da1c62f80f8e6268acd55b1b10a850e58fd7bb8f6bdb520d)

However, we encourage macOS users to install via MacPorts or Homebrew,
instead of using the binary package, in order to receive automatic upgrades.

Bugs: Please let us know of any problems at the GitHub issue tracker,
at https://github.com/mobile-shell/mosh/issues. The developers can
also be found on IRC at <irc://irc.freenode.net/mosh>.

Website moves: Please note that the Mosh repository has moved to
https://github.com/mobile-shell/mosh (from https://github.com/keithw/mosh).
The Mosh website has moved to https://mosh.org (from https://mosh.mit.edu).

The full change log for this release:

        * New features:
                * Add Travis CI builds for Linux and Mac.  (Anders
                  Kaseorg, others)
                * Add a --local option to run without ssh.  (John Hood)
                * Mosh now returns exitstatus reflecting connection success.
                  (John Hood)
                * Add a end-to-end test suite and many tests.  (John Hood)
                * Implement timeouts and signals to help address
                  orphaned sessions.  (John Hood)
                * Major rework of Mosh's display
                  differencing/rendering code with much improved
                  performance for slow machines.  (John Hood)
                * Implement ANSI back/forward tab (CSI CBT, CSI CHT).
                  (John Hood)
                * Do not start user shell until network session starts.
                  (John Hood)
                * Add options for more flexible specification of IPv4/IPv6
                  hostname resolution.  (John Hood)
                * Improved bash completion.  (Steve Dignam, HIGUCHI Yuta)
                * Add options for different methods of resolving the
                  remote host address, allowing operation without
                  SshProxyCommand.  (John Hood)

        * Platform support:
                * Add configurable support for Apple Common Crypto and
                  Nettle, in place of OpenSSL.  Implement base64 locally.
                  (John Hood)
                * Workaround Cygwin select() bug.  (John Hood)
                * Updates to Debian packaging.  (Anders Kaseorg, Keith
                * Workaround a glibc-2.22 issue causing segfaults on
                  Debian Sid.  (John Hood with help from many others)
                * Prefer c++ to g++, for systems like FreeBSD where
                  g++ is not usable.  (John Hood)
                * Fixes for Illumos Hipster 20151003.  (John Hood)
                * Disable -Werror for protobuf code, to resolve a new
                  gcc6 warning.  (John Hood)
                * Link test for -fstack-protector-all on an embedded
                  platform.  (Baruch Siach)
                * Resolve issue with bswap64() on FreeBSD-CURRENT with
                  libc++-3.8.0.  (John Hood)
                * Fix issue with RECVTOS error message on client on FreeBSD.
                  (John Hood)

        * Bug fixes:
                * Remove an assertion causing aborts on Unicode
                  fallback found by fuzzing with afl.  (Keith
                * Fix a server hang with XON/XOFF on BSD systems.
                  (John Hood)
                * Fix a typeahead-prediction bug that caused display
                  corruption on urxvt.  (John Hood)

Best regards on behalf of the Mosh team,
Keith Winstein
Version: GnuPG v1


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