[mosh-users] mosh 1.2.4 released

Keith Winstein keithw at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 27 01:34:06 EDT 2013

Hello Mosh users and developers,

mosh 1.2.4 has been released.

The source code is at:

SHA-1: b1dffe8562d7b2f4956699849fbe5d18bfd7749e
SHA-256: e74d0d323226046e402dd469a176075fc2013b69b0e67cea49762c957175df46

Compared with Mosh 1.2.3, this maintenance release largely fixes bugs,
improves robustness, and adds platform support. The changelog is:

  * New features:
    * Support port ranges with -p LOWPORT:HIGHPORT (Luke Mewburn)
    * Ctrl-^ Ctrl-Z suspends mosh client (Nikolai Zeldovich)
    * mm:ss display of lost-contact times (Kevin Ballard)
    * Show infobar with control chars when Ctrl-^ is typed
    * Put terminal in altscreen mode (Anders Kaseorg)
    * Tell automake/Debian pkg about our checks (Anders Kaseorg)

  * Platform support:
    * OS X: Script to build a universal package (Peter Iannucci)
    * FreeBSD: Fix build problems (Jimmy Olgeni)
    * AIX: port by Anton Lundin
    * Solaris with system curses (Anton Lundin)
    * Cygwin and others: eliminate use of IO::Pty (Anton Lundin)

  * Bug fixes:
    * Fix bug (introduced in 1.2.3) where server stays around
      if process quits while client is detached
    * Clean up spurious entries from detached sessions warning
    * Fix freeze when connectivity is one-directional for hours
      (reported by Axel Beckert)
    * Don't wipe title until a new one is set (sqweek)
    * Eliminate memory leaks and cppcheck warnings (Anders Kaseorg)

mosh 1.2.4 is backwards-compatible with mosh clients back to 0.96 and
mosh servers back to 1.0.9. Please let us know of any problems

Best regards from the Mosh team,

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