[mosh-devel] Blink and Mosh changes released

Carlos Cabanero carlosecabanero at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 11:47:35 EDT 2016

Hi everyone!

We’ve finally released Blink v 0.714, and most important, the code for it (
https://github.com/blinksh/blink) and our Mosh changes (
https://github.com/blinksh/mosh), including build scripts too (

First of all, I did not merge with latest version, changes will be required
to our implementation anyway, as these were just to make sure the project
would be doable, and didn’t want to cover everything in a pile of new
commits. I’ll be focusing on fixing bugs and provide you with nicer pull
requests to Mosh during the next days. These are basically in two areas,
but nothing too big:

   - Mosh as a library, with iOSClient as a subclass of STMClient and
   makefiles with BUILD_IOS_CONTROLLER flag.
   - Mosh multithreaded.

There is also a straightforward bug with the socket (commit 8b21ee1), that
we triggered because iOS always closes sockets when going to the
background. I will submit that one straight to GH as could help make Mosh
more stable in this corner cases.

To keep it clean, I will start the conversation on those in a separate
thread, and just keep this one for any issues related to Blink-Mosh
licensing, attributions, or compatibilities we might have.

Thanks a lot!! :)
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