[LEAuthors] LEA cfp: From the Extraordinary to the Uncanny: the persistence of a parallel universe

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** Worldwide Call for Submissions **

Please feel free to spread the word widely:

LEA Special Issue: From the Extraordinary to the 
Uncanny: the persistence of a parallel
Guest Editor: Michael Punt, extraordinaryconnections at uk2.net

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 
1071-4391) is inviting papers for a special issue 
guest edited by
Michael Punt under the rubric: "From the 
Extraordinary to the Uncanny: the persistence of 
a parallel universe."

We are seeking submissions of papers and other 
works from artists historians, and theorists 
interested in this topic. In particular we are 
calling for short papers (±2500 words) or artists 
statements and image essays on:

* para-science and para-art
* spirit photography
* magic, conjuring and performance
* consciousness, precognition and the uncanny subject
* coincidence, narrative and psychoanalysis
* history and the inexplicable event
* sub-cellular phenomena and a macro reality
* toward a theory of unstable realities
* accident, memory and amnesia

LEA encourages international artists / academics 
/ researchers / students to submit their 
proposals for consideration. We particularly 
encourage young authors outside North America and 
Europe to send proposals for 
articles/gallery/artists statements.

Expressions of interest and outline should include:
- 300 word abstract / synopsis
- A brief author biography
- Any related URLs
- Contact details

Deadline for expressions of interest: 30 April 2004

Deadline for accepted proposals: 10 September 2004.

Please send proposals or queries to:
Michael Punt
extraordinaryconnections at uk2.net

Nisar Keshvani
LEA Editor-in-Chief
lea at mitpress.mit.edu


What is LEA?

Established in 1993, the Leonardo Electronic 
Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is the electronic 
arm of the pioneer art journal, Leonardo - 
Journal of Art, Science & Technology.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), jointly 
produced by Leonardo, the International Society 
for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST) and 
published under the auspices of MIT Press is an 
electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum 
for those who are interested in the realm where 
art, science and technology converge.


This peer reviewed e-journal includes profiles of 
media arts facilities and projects, profiles of 
artists using new media, feature articles 
comprised of theoretical and technical 
perspectives; the LEA Gallery exhibiting new 
media artwork by international artists; detailed 
information about new publications in various 
media; and reviews of publications, events and 
exhibitions. Material is contributed by artists, 
scientists, educators and developers of new 
technological resources in the media arts.


LEA's mission is to maintain and consolidate its 
position as a leading online news and trusted 
information filter while critically examining 
arts/science & technological works catering to 
the international CAST (Community of Artists, 
Scientist and Technologists)

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