Doxygen changes breaks krb5 documentation build

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Wed Sep 13 18:04:46 EDT 2023

On 9/12/23 03:01, Paolo Greppi wrote:
> This may well be a doxygen bug, can anybody tell if there is any pattern?

I believe this is a deliberate behavior change in Doxygen 1.9.7, made to 
address a problem affecting a different doxygen-to-RST converter:

(doxyrest doesn't appear to be packaged by Debian, or I'd investigate 
whether we could use it instead of the current homegrown bridge.  But 
that would be a longer-term change anyway.)

Although it might be difficult to modify the current scripts to handle 
this change, the deduplication only arises because of @group 
declarations in krb5.hin, which don't have any effect on the generated 
RST files.  I have filed a PR to remove these and the associated @ref 

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