Doxygen changes breaks krb5 documentation build

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Mon Sep 11 14:57:22 EDT 2023

>>>>> "Tianyu" == Tianyu Chen <sweetyfish at> writes:

    Tianyu> During a local rebuild of krb5, your package failed to
    Tianyu> build.

So, I'm guessing this is related to the upgrade in Debian from doxygen
1.9.4 to 1.9.8.

The krb5 build process uses doxygen to generate an xml representation of
the documentation from a bunch of C header files.  Then it uses a pile
of python scripts which haven't seen much love since the days of python2
to turn that documentation into rst, and then includes it in a sphinx

It expects all the doxygen to be in a file called krb5_8hin.xml.
Unfortunately the new doxygen is breaking up the sources into a bunch of
different files and including <member> elements to refer to them rather
than <memberdef> elements including their definition.  And so the python
doesn't find the definitions of the documented functions and the build
fails because not many rst files are generated.

I am hoping for help at this point.
I'll continue to look into it, but I'm not familiar with the innards of
doxygen, nor the xml parser that the krb5 python is using.
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