Session Key through GSS-API

Stephen Brown Stephen.Brown at
Tue Feb 28 08:17:24 EST 2023

Hi All,

My application is using Kerberos via GSS-API but needs to access the session key. I saw that I can call gss_inquire_sec_context_by_oid() passing in GSS_C_INQ_SSPI_SESSION_KEY. However it looks like the key returned by this method is obtained via krb5_auth_con_getsendsubkey() which is the sub-session key (I believe) and not what I need. I've verified that krb5_auth_con_getkey() does return the key that I need. But I didn't see any way of accessing it through the GSS-API. Is there a way to obtain the session key through GSS-API? Or any other thoughts/suggestions?


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