Credential Guard support for Kerberos unconstrained delegation in a cross platform environment

Seshan Parameswaran seshan.parameswaran at
Wed Aug 3 17:52:40 EDT 2022

Hello All
My question is specific to support of Windows credential guard in a Kerberos unconstrained delegation in a cross-platform environment wherein the client is Windows, but the server is running on a Linux platform.  From our observation, we are finding that

  1.  For constrained delegation this works for the same platfrom (ie both the client and server on windows) as well as cross-platform.
  2.  For unconstrained delegation however, we are finding that when the same platform (client and server on a windows platform) works, the cross-platform where in the client on windows and the server on linux fails.
Does anyone know what the issue could be?


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