ktutil under kadmin instead of with kinit in clients

Chris Hecker checker at d6.com
Wed Oct 6 00:11:34 EDT 2021

Greg replied to this in another thread but I figured I'd reply to that 
reply here to keep it separate from my other overly long thread which is 
going to get longer, and in case someone from The Future searches the 
mailing list archives:

It's been that way since 1.0.  kadmin is also a client, as is
gss-sample, so it's never been the case that all clients were under
clients.  I don't believe we build ss on Windows, so that would be the
primary obstacle to adding ktutil to the Windows build.

I guess I'm asking if you would be interested in a patch/pull request if 
I move it to clients on my local build and get ss working on windows (or 
at least the parts that ktutil uses) or if that's not interesting I'll 
not bother to do it "right" and just hack it locally and not get it 
working cross-platform.  Either way is fine with me, I just don't want 
to do the extra work to do it right if you don't want to move it.

gss-sample is under the appl directory with the other sample tests, 
which makes sense, ktutil is under kadmin which doesn't make sense (at 
least to me, obvs), since it doesn't use any kadm stuff at all as far as 
I can tell, it's just a client app.


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Subject: ktutil under kadmin instead of with kinit in clients

>Is there any reason ktutil is under the kadmin tree instead of 
>buildable in the clients tree with kinit and klist and whatnot?  It 
>uses the ss library so it's a bit less portable I guess, but it doesn't 
>use and kadm functions and seems generally useful on clients too?  It's 
>installed alongside those client tools on centos at least.
>Assuming it's just historical, If I was to move it and get it building 
>would you want the patch?

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