Big Sur & MIT Kerberos no longer interoperate

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Sat Mar 20 09:39:53 EDT 2021

>It looks like it would require a fair amount of code for us to
>interoperate with the XCC cache, and unlike the KCM code, it wouldn't
>give us ancillary benefits on other platforms.  So I'm not certain what
>we'll do.  One option is to create a public ccache pluggable interface
>to allow maintenance of an XCC plugin module outside of our tree, but
>that (1) assumes someone would put in that work, and (2) would be harder
>to deploy than just building MIT krb5 and having it use the native
>ccache automatically.

One relatively simple possibility is to create a shim layer that
dlopen()'s the Heimdal framework and calls the appropriate credential
cache functions.

I kind of have to solve this problem sooner rather than later, and I
don't mind doing the work and contributing it to MIT.  Like everyone
else we have been telling everyone not to upgrade to Big Sur, but I
know eventually systems are going to start shipping with Big Sur (and
of course Apple Silicon systems already are).  If we could work out an
acceptable approach I can get to work on that and see where it leads me.
Maintaining an out-of-tree plugin ... well, we do that for some things,
but I can tell you from experience that it sucks.  It's not so bad on
server systems that you manage, but it is a huge pain on client systems
that are administrated by users.


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