Use gss_krb5_import_cred() for initiator spnego creds

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Sun Dec 12 21:00:43 EST 2021

On 12/12/21 7:44 PM, Isaac Boukris wrote:
> When passing a unique memory cache to gss_krb5_import_cred() (aka not
> default), I fail to use these creds in gss_init_sec_context() with
> spnego mech but succeed with krb5. I wonder if that's a bug or if
> there is a way around it.
> I managed to reproduce in the test-suite, with this diff:

gss_krb5_import_cred() creates a krb5 cred.  You can't use that with
SPNEGO per the standard API, nor is there a way to turn an existing cred
handle into a SPNEGO cred.  Recent Heimdal does allow this as an
implicit extension (SPNEGO is flagged as a meta-mechanism which directly
uses union creds), but MIT krb5 does not.

A confounding factor is that the mechglue gss_init_sec_context() does
not error out on mismatched credentials.  It just calls
gssint_get_mechanism_cred() on the union cred, and if that returns NULL
(it has no other way of failing) the mechglue just passes the default
cred handle to the mech.  gss_accept_sec_context() used to behave the
same way, but I changed that in 2011 to make it fail out instead.

The current best way around this is to use gss_acquire_cred_from().

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