[PATCH] Use PKG_CHECK_MODULES to system library com_err

Greg Hudson ghudson at mit.edu
Tue Sep 8 15:24:53 EDT 2020

On 9/3/20 3:25 PM, anonymous.maarten at gmail.com wrote:
> When having a static com_err system library, linking to this static
> library fails because of missing symbols. The system com_err needs to
> link to -lrt too (when using com_err from e2fsutils).

I created a pull request for the patch at
https://github.com/krb5/krb5/pull/1111 .

There are a couple of things I am unclear on:

* On my systems, "pkg-config --libs com_err" displays "-lcom_err".  If I
add "--static", "-lpthreads" is also displayed.  I don't know where the
librt dependency is needed.

* In the pkg.m4 modules we use, there is a PKG_CHECK_MODULES_STATIC
macro, but we don't currently use it, and nothing else seems to add
--static to the pkg-config options.  In your environment, does
"pkg-config --libs com_err" display library dependencies even without
the --static option?

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