Alexandr Nedvedicky alexandr.nedvedicky at
Thu Sep 3 03:30:59 EDT 2020


On Wed, Sep 02, 2020 at 09:08:28PM -0700, Scot McKinley wrote:
> Hi Greg, in looking at the header files, and your previous reply, it 
> appears that krb5_init_secure_context() may be exactly what i want.
>  > I don't think it will solve this problem, as it simply causes the 
> context to ignore environment variables.
> Yes, i want a "krb5_init_context" that "ignores environment variables", 
> and thus retrieves its config in some other manner. In this case, it 
> appears that the "other manner" of retrieving config for 
> "krb5_init_secure_context" is some configuration files, which is a 
> problem, since we have our OWN config files.
> This is strange. Isn't there a way to "init" a krb5 library context just 
> by *PASSING* the config directly to the init funciton?!?

    perhaps you want to build your own kerberos library and ship it with
    your application. The default location of krb5.conf is driven by
    --sysconfdir autoconf option.  the default krb5.conf location is defined
    and compile time.


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