Large pac causes gss_accept_sec_context to fail

Martijn de Gouw at
Wed Oct 14 14:24:22 EDT 2020


I'm trying to get NFSv4 to work with kerberos in our environment. The 
KDC is a MS Active Directory (Windows server 2019). The Linux nfs server 
and clients are all Debian 10.6. I'm using gssproxy on the nfs server.

I'm able to mount the nfs share on the client. But some users can access 
the directory and others can't, all having valid kerberos tickets, 
created during login or with kinit. I've found a redhat article about 
disabling pac data:

Enabling NO_AUTH_DATA_REQUIRED works, but not in the way described in 
the article. The mentioned 'Suppress exported_composite_name for the 
kernel' code in gssproxy is not even hit yet, because 
gss_accept_sec_context() returns an error on users that are in many 
groups: GSSX_RES_ACCEPT_SEC_CONTEXT( status: { 851968 <None> 100001 
"Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information" 
"Success" [  ] } context_handle: <Null> output_token: <Null> 
delegated_cred_handle: <Null> )

The token is very big for those users (~7k). I did some tracing in the 
krb5 library to see what really goes wrong here, since the error is not 
very descriptive. I was able to dig down in 
src/lib/krb5/asn.1/asn1_encode.c, where the token is decoded. There is a 
lot of decode_atype() performed on the token, until finally omit_atype() 
returns ASN1_MISSING_FIELD, called by get_tag() for a->type = 
atype_sequence (embedded in a type atype_tagged_thing tag, I think?).

Now I'm wondering is MS is really doing something wrong here, or krb5 is 
unable to handle this PAC data. the 'net ads kerberos pac dump' does not 
complain or show any errors when dumping PAC data for any user.

If krb5 is not able to handle the (faulty?) pac data, would it be 
possible for gssproxy to tell gss_accept_sec_context to ignore the pac 
data anyway? Since I have only limited access to the AD, it is very 
cumbersome if I have to set NO_AUTH_DATA_REQUIRED for all Linux nfs servers.

I'm using gssproxy 0.8.3 and krb5 1.17.1.

Regards, Martijn
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