Building the PKINIT plugin on Windows

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Fri Oct 9 19:09:39 EDT 2020

>It's not ideal; it looks similar to 3-clause BSD but is written in an
>informal style, with the liability disclaimer phrased as a fourth
>licensing restriction.  That might create doubts as to whether it meets
>the usual criteria that people find important (DFSG-free, non-copyleft,
>GPL-compatible).  We already get complaints about the wording
>differences between many similar licenses in the tree (I got one just
>this week about the license in the old version of the Gladman AES code
>we have in lib/crypto, for instance).

I'll look around then.

>I didn't see a response to the idea of wrapping std::regex, which I
>believe ships with Visual Studio and wouldn't require us to add code to
>the tree or instructions for the dev environment setup.

Personally, that sounds like such an awful nightmare to me that I didn't
even consider it.  If we are already saying OpenSSL is an external
dependency, we could also say that a regex library is as well and
provide some links so people could choose their own.


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