Building the PKINIT plugin on Windows

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Fri Oct 9 13:00:53 EDT 2020

On 10/9/20 11:39 AM, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> I guess I'm wondering exactly what kind of infrastructure you want
> in the Windows build process; do you want to have it build OpenSSL
> as well, or simply point to already-built OpenSSL libraries?

Either is okay, but:

1. We need to be able to document (in src/windows/README) any necessary
setup for the development environment,

2. When we build the MSI installer, we presumably need to include
OpenSSL DLLs, but don't want to conflict with other packages which might
also depend on OpenSSL, and

3. I don't want to check OpenSSL sources or binaries into the krb5

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