Building static libraries on Windows

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Wed Sep 18 13:37:28 EDT 2019

On 9/18/19 12:53 PM, Sandeep Patil wrote:
> I want to link statically to the MIT Kerberos API on Windows. I am able to
> build dlls using the instructions but cannot seem to find a way to specify
> building of static libraries to the nmake build process (like you can do
> with configure on Linux/Mac OS). Is there any way to do that ?

As far as I know, the Windows build creates and installs .lib files
(gssapi32.lib, krb5_32.lib, etc.) as well as DLLs.

The regular build system does not actually support static libraries in a
useful way.  I added partial static build support to facilitate code
coverage analysis for the test suite, but gcov has evolved to support
dynamic libraries, so at some point I will probably remove support for
--enable-static --disable-shared.

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