Using a master key and principal name to derive password for principal

Coe Ts7 tm3y at
Mon Oct 14 23:46:25 EDT 2019

I'm look for a simple but effective High Available solution for kerberos.
In my deployment, I will use kerberos PKINIT. So there's a chance that the kerberos doesn't store principal list, just generate ticket according the name in PKI certificate.
And I try to go further and make kerberos not to store principal password, so that the kerberos is completely stateless and fully trusts PKI.
To achieve that,  I want to use some crypto & hashing mechanisms to make all kerberos instances could calculate the same password for each principal through a shared master key and principal name.

I'm wondering is this way secure cryptographically? If so, is there some source code for reference to make this algorithm implemented?
Thanks in advance!


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