Use GitHub Actions for builds

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Mon Dec 2 01:11:21 EST 2019

On 12/1/19 11:16 PM, Michael Mattioli wrote:
> I pushed a commit to my fork which replaces Travis and AppVeyor with GitHub
> Actions for builds.

I was just starting to look into Github Actions for krb5 over the long
weekend weekend, partly to see if I could be more successful at setting
up a MacOS job than I was with Travis.  Having a mostly-complete
baseline will save a lot of work.

If tests runs significantly faster than they do under Travis/Appveyor,
that may be a reason to switch over.  If they don't, and I can't get a
MacOS job working, I don't know if there will be a good reason to switch.

> - I had to remove the installation of slapd on the linux builds because the
> package it was trying to install was asking for user input which isn't
> possible in an automated environment. Despite removing it from
> installation, there are no errors in the three linux build variants. detects that slapd is not present and skips those tests.  The
skiptest contents in the builds generated by your branch says:

Skipped URI discovery tests: resolv_wrapper 1.1.5 not found
Skipped LDAP KDB tests: slapd not found

while the Travis integration currently doesn't skip anything.  I will
look into why slapd can't be installed and why resolv_wrapper isn't found.

(Ever since we added "make clean" checking to the Travis job, it's a lot
harder to see what tests are skipped.  I might make the CI script
re-display the skiptests file at the end of the script to fix that.)

> - The Windows build is failing at what seems to be a syntax error
> somewhere? The output from the log where it seems to be failing is from
> this command: perl -w .\../util/ private-and-public-decls
> .\../lib/krb5_32.def

This is probably a newline issue, since it's complaining about a
function name spanning multiple lines of text.  github's Windows runner
may have a preinstalled git with different default behavior.  I will
look into that as well.

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