Difference between kerberos.openldap.ldif and kerberos.ldif; why kdb5_ldap_util create does not need -H but kdb5_ldap_util list needs -H (2)

Дилян Дилян
Fri Aug 30 17:12:15 EDT 2019

> • Once I have created a domain in the (open)ldap backend, ldap_kerberos_container_dn = cn=krbContainer, in a way that
> “kdb5_ldap_util -H ldapi://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fldapi  list” does list the test domain and "kadmin.local -r X" let me add
> principals, how can I query with ldapsearch the cn=krbContainer namespace to see what is there?
> ldapsearch -b "cn=krbcontainer" -s children shows 32 No such object.

Nevermind, I got it, the EXTERNAL authentication has not worked somehow, 

ldapsearch -D "uid=admin_kdc,cn=krbContainer" -w  ABC  -b "cn=krbContainer"

does work.


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