Logic behind lib/krb5/os/k5_sendto()

Дилян Дилян
Mon Apr 15 17:48:02 EDT 2019


how does lib/krb5/os/k5_sendto() work in this case:

kinit x at expamle.org is called and in dns the SRV records _kerberos._udp.example.org and _kerberos._tcp.example.org show
that k.example.org:88 is in charge.  But the KDC there is in fact in charge of EXAMPLE.ORG, example.org being non-local

• If k5_sendto receives an answer from a KDC, that the realm is non-local, does it retry to the other KDCs, here asking
the same process over a different transport protocol?

When is the timeout (interval) increased from 1s to to 2s?  If there is no answer within 1s, then the query is resent,
waiting for 2 more seconds?

Thanks for the clarification.

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