MIT Kerberos 1.14 : gssint_get_mechanism_cred crash

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Thu Jun 14 11:03:51 EDT 2018

On 06/14/2018 07:05 AM, Vipul Mehta wrote:
> We are facing crash in our application while kerberos security context 
> initialization inside gssint_get_mechanism_cred function.
> Looks like memcmp is causing the issue.
> &union_cred->mechs_array[i]->length is 9
> mech_type->length is 9
> mech_type->elements is not NULL
> (&union_cred->mechs_array[i])->elements is also not NULL
> Is anyone aware of such issue. Any possible fix ? Let me know if you 
> need more information.

I am not aware of any such issue.  You should double-check that the cred 
handle you are passing is a valid cred handle and was not previously 
freed (although the usual method of releasing a cred handle should also 
set the pointer to NULL, unless you made a copy of the cred handle 
before releasing it).  If there is a memory corruption issue in the 
application, you might be able to use valgrind to find it.

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